April 19, 2024
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Escorts opinion on why my wife is not ready for sex?

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Every married couple nearly faces this situation where the woman or your wife stops having sex with you or is never ready for good sex. She acts like a body who do not have any sexual emotions or drive to have sex.

According to Top Las Vegas escorts, there can be some reasons why your wife is not ready for sex. Maybe she lost her interest in sex or it can also be possible that she does not feel happy, anything can be possible.

Reasons why your wife is not ready for sex

There are several reasons as to why your wife is not ready to have sex with you. These are:-

She feels disconnected:- For a woman, sex is a way to get connected and when you reduce talking to her or your communication reduces, you don’t show her how important she is for you or make her feel special, it makes her feel disconnected which can be a reason why she does not want to have sex.

She feels overwhelmed:- women do many tasks at a time but sometimes there can be a situation when the workload will make her feel overwhelmed and thus making her less interested in getting physical.

She is mentally disturbed:- When some problem or stress is there in mind, it is difficult to focus on any other thing and stress reduces sex drive thus she might not get physical due to her mental problems like stress or tension of different parts of life.

She is exhausted:- sex needs active energy in the body, and if she has high fatigue or gets exhausted due to household tasks, then she will not participate or refuses to have sex with you.

She does not feel great:- Sex is a pleasure act but there are only rare moments when she gets fully satisfied, she refuses to have sex because she does not feel great during sex. It can be because of no spark in sex or you just focus on your own pleasure and not hers.

She feels used:- it can be possible that due to communicative misunderstandings, whenever you have sex she feels getting used for your own pleasure thus she can refuse to have sex with you.

You two are going through a rough time:- a rough patch or a hard time can also be the reason of her not having sex with you.

Her hormones level are fluctuating:- hormone level fluctuation can cause a reduced desire to have sex.

She hates her body:- due to some health or physical appearance aspects, it is possible that she feels demotivated about herself and hates her physical appearance thus she feels insecure about the physical aspect while having sex.

According to las vegas escorts, these can be the reasons why she is not ready to have sex with you. What you need to do in this situation is talk to her, solve any differences, ask her about how she feels, make her pleasure a priority, help her during household tasks, and share some time communicating with her.

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